Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. – Mother Teresa

Who is Stephanie

I am a:
Believer in Christ, wife, empty-nester, mother, over-analyzer, idealist, non-conformist, wanna-be world traveler, fun-loving, easy going, researcher, laid back adventure seeker and coordinator.

I’m completely in love with my husband and best friend, Victor. Victor and our kids Shelby and Sawyer are my most favorite people in the world. I tend to be a people-pleaser but am trying to not worry so much what others think, this is a daily struggle.

I am a member of Redeemer Christian Church – 3 years.
I am the Welcome Team leader and welcome volunteer coordinator and deaconess in my church home.

I am a Legal Assistant with Swindell and Associates and love to promote, publicize, market and support any thing I believe in.
I am an advocare distributor – http://www.advocare.com/120432762

Sometimes when things get tough I like to think of the words spoken by the ever so wise band Devo:: Crack that whip. Give the past the slip. Step on a crack. Break your momma’s back. When a problem comes along. You must whip it. Before the cream sits out too long. You must whip it. When something’s going wrong. You must whip it. now whip it. into shape. shape it up. get straight. go forward. move ahead. try to detect it. it’s not too late. to whip it. whip it good. When a good time turns around. You must whip it. You will never live it down. Unless you whip it. No one gets their way. Until they whip it. I say whip it. Whip it good. Whip it gooooooood

I Love Funny People! I love people that make me laugh and people that keep it real.
Favorite Destinations:
I love Belize !
I love Seattle.
Love trips to the mountains…
Trip to Vegas always fun!



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